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Jean-François Blach was born in Béthune (France) in 1975. He received his Ph.D. degree from the Université d'Artois in 2003 under the supervision of Professor M. Warenghem in the field of liquid crystals and ferroelectric thin films (click here for downloading my PhD thesis in french). In 2004, he became ATER (non-permanent researcher and teacher) in TheLaboratoire de ThermoPhysique de la Matière Condensée of the Université du Littora, Côte d'Opale at Dunkerque under the supervision of Professor J.M. Buisine. During this year he has studied the vibrational properties of PDLC (Polymer dispersed Liquid Crystal) by Raman scattering. In 2005, he became ATER (non-permanent researcher and teacher) in The Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée of the Université de Picardie Jules Verne at Amiens under the supervision of Professor M. Karkut and J. Pavel. During this year he has studied the phase transition of a ferroelectric liquid crystal by the measure of pyroelectric current. In 2006, he became non-permanent researcher in the «Laboratoire de Physico-Chimie des Interfaces et Applications» in Lens in the Liquid Crystals Group directed by the Professor M. Warenghem. Now he is «Maître de Conférences» at the University of Artois in Lens and he performs his research in the nanomaterial for photonic team of the UCCS. His research field concerns the dispersion of nanoparticles (ferroelectric material or metallic material) in organic medium (liquid crystal) in the goal to share the properties of the former with the host medium.
November 2012: he obtained the Habilitation to supervise research at the University of Artois under the supervision of Pr. Henninot. The topic of this Habilitation concerned the electro-optical properties of nanoparticles and liquid crystals.


Keywords : Nanoparticles, Raman spectrometry, Electro-optical properties, anisotropic medium.


TEM image of a BaTiO3 ferroelectric nanoparticle. Yellow : electro-optical curve of pure nematic liquid crystal, 5CB (threshold @ 0.79 Vrms)
Red : electro-optical curve of doped nematic liquid crystal, 5CB + BaTiO3 (threshold @ 0.54 Vrms).
Scheme of the Interaction between liquid crystal molecules and the permanent dipole of ferroelectric nanoparticles.

Publications 2022:

  1. «Thin film stabilization of a ferroelectric orthorhombic α-Pr2WO6 polymorph»
    M. Lheureux, M.-H. Chambrier, K. Dalla Francesca, B. Vargas, L. Yedra, A. Da Costa, T. Carlier, F. Blanchard, S. Estradé, F. Peiro, P. Roussel, J.-F. Blach, A. Ferri, R. Desfeux
    ACS Appl. Electron. Mater. 2022, 4, 11, 5234–5245
    - doi: 10.1021/acsaelm.2c00913

  2. «Fabrication control of MoS2/MoO2 nanocomposite via chemical vapor deposition for optoelectronic applications»
    D.Mouloua, N.S.Rajput, J.-F.Blach, M.Lejeune, M.El Marssi, M.A.El Khakani, M.Jouiad
    Materials Science and Engineering: B, Volume 286 (2022) 116035

    doi: 10.1016/j.mseb.2022.116035

  3. «Nanostructured BaTi1-xSnxO3 ferroelectric materials for electrocaloric applications and energy performance»
    M. Benyoussef, T. Mura, S. Saitzek, F. Azrour, J.-F. Blach, A. Lahmar, Y. Gagou, M. El Marssi, A. Sayede, M. Jouiad
    Current Applied Physics 38 (2022) 59–6
    - doi: 10.1016/j.cap.2022.03.012

  4. «Enhancement of photocatalytic properties of nanosized La2Ti2O7 synthesized by glycine-assisted sol-gel route.»
    S. Leroy, J-F. Blach, A. Kopia, S. Lech, Ł. Cieniek, N. Kania, S. Saitzek
    J PHOTOCH PHOTOBIO A, 426, (2022), 113739
    - doi: 10.1016/j.jphotochem.2021.113739

Publications 2021:

  1. «Influence of Interface on the Charge Carrier Mobility of La2Ti2O7 Layered Perovskite Thin Films Measured by the Time-of-Flight Method»
    S. Leroy, R. Douali, C. Legrand, F. Krasinski, F. Blanchard, P. Roussel, S. Saitzek, J-F. Blach
    ACS Appl. Electron. Mater. 2021, 3, 7, 3167–3176
    - doi: 10.1021/acsaelm.1c00365

  2. «Novel organic semiconductor based on 2-amino-anthracene: synthesis, charge transporting and photo-conductive properties»
    K. Kondratenko, I. Carlescu, P-E. Danjou, Y. Boussoualem, A. Simion, B. Duponchel, J-F Blach, C. Legrand, N. Hurduc and A. Daoudi
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2021, 23, 13885-13894
    - doi: 10.1039/D1CP01427G

Publications 2020:

  1. «High pressure exploration in the Li–Ln–V–O system»
    A. I. Zadoya, Á. M. Arévalo-López, J. Sánchez-Benítez, M. Huvé, J.-F. Blach, S. Merkel, N. Hilairet, J. Chantel, M. Colmont
    Dalton Trans., 2020,49, 13663-13670
    - doi: 10.1039/D0DT02721A

  2. «Synthesis and characterization of antireflective Ag@AgCl nanocomposite thin films»
    M.El.F.Nehal, A.Bouzidi, A.Nakrela, R.Miloua, M.Medles, R.Desfeux, J-F.Blach, P.Simon, M.Huvé
    Optik, 224 (2020), 165568
    - doi: 10.1016/j.ijleo.2020.165568

  3. «Photocatalytic and sonophotocatalytic degradation of rhodamine B by nano-sized La2Ti2O7 oxides synthesized with sol-gel method»
    S. Leroy, J-F. Blach, M. Huvé, B. Léger, N. Kania, J-F. Henninot, A. Ponchel, S. Saitzek
    Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, Volume 401, 1 October 2020, 112767

    doi: 10.1016/j.jphotochem.2020.112767

  4. «Luminescence and up-conversion properties in La2Ti2O7:Eu3+,Er3+ oxides under UV and NIR radiations towards a two-color sensor»
    F. Szczepanski, A. Bayart, A. Katelnikovas, J-F. Blach, J. Rousseau, S. Saitzek
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Volume 826, 15 June 2020, 154157
    doi: 10.1016/j.jallcom.2020.154157

Publications 2019:

  1. «The relationship between processing and structural, optical, electrical properties of spray pyrolysed SnO2 thin films prepared for different deposition times»
    A.H. Yahi, A. Bouzidi, R. Miloua, M. Medles, A. Nakrela, M. Khadraoui, H. Tabet-Derraz, R. Desfeux, A. Ferri, J-F. Blach
    Optik 196 (2019) 163198
    - doi: 10.1016/j.ijleo.2019.163198

  2. Optical properties of Ln2Ti2O7 (with Ln=La to Lu) thin films grown on (110)-SrTiO3 substrates by pulsed laser deposition
    A. Bayart, J. F. Blach, M. Huvé, F. Blanchard, P. Roussel, R. Desfeux, S. Saitzek
    Optical Materials 92 (2019) 303-310
    - doi: 10.1016/j.optmat.2019.04.049

  3. «Orientation of 4-n-octyl-4’-cyanobiphenyl molecules on graphene oxide surface via electron-phonon interaction and its application in nonlinear electronics»
    D. Pratap Singh, B. Duponchel, Y. Lin, J-F. Blach, H. khemakhem, C. Legrand,R. Douali
    J MATER CHEM-C, 2019, 7, 2734,
    - doi: 10.1039/C8TC05696J
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  4. «CdSe quantum dots in chiral smectic C matrix: experimental evidence of smectic layer distortion by small and wide angle X-ray scattering and subsequent effect on electro-optical parameters»
    D. P. Singh, R. Visvanathan, A. E. Duncan, B. Duponchel, Y. Boussoualem, S. Kumar, N. A. Clark, J−F. Blach, R. Douali & A. Daoudi
    Liquid Crystals, 2019, VOL. 46, N° 3, 376–385
    - doi: 10.1080/02678292.2018.1502371

Publications 2018:

  1. «CdSe quantum dots in chiral smectic C matrix: experimental evidence of smectic layer distortion by small and wide angle X-ray scattering and subsequent effect on electro-optical parameters»
    D. P. Singh, R. Visvanathan, A. E. Duncan, B. Duponchel, Y. Boussoualem, S. Kumar, N. A. Clark, J−F. Blach, R. Douali & A. Daoudi
    Liquid Crystals, (2018) , in press
    - doi: 10.1080/02678292.2018.1502371

  2. «Upconversion luminescence properties and thermal quenching mechanisms in the layered perovskite La1.9Er0.1Ti2O7 towards an application as optical temperature sensor»
    A. Bayart, F. Szczepanski, J-F. Blach, J. Rousseau, A. Katelnikovas, S. Saitzek
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Volume 744, 5 May 2018, Pages 516-527
    doi: 10.1016/j.jallcom.2018.02.055

  3. «Intrinsic and photo-induced properties of high refractive index azobenzene based thin films [Invited]»
    E. Mavrona, S. Mailis, N. Podoliak, G. D’Alessandro, N. Tabiryan, M. Trapatseli, J.-F. Blach, M. Kaczmarek, and V. Apostolopoulos
    Opt. Mater. Express 8, 420-430 (2018)
    - doi: 10.1364/OME.8.000420

Publications 2017:

  1. «A comparative study of nematic liquid crystals doped with harvested and non-harvested ferroelectric nanoparticles: phase transitions and dielectric properties»
    Y. Lin, A. Daoudi, F. Dubois, J.-F. Blach, J.-F. Henninot, O. Kurochkin, A. Grabar, A. Segovia-Mera, C. Legranda and R. Douali
    RSC Adv., 2017,7, 35438-35444
    - doi: 10.1039/C7RA04154C

  2. «Terahertz properties of liquid crystals doped with ferroelectric BaTiO3 nanoparticles»
    U. Chodorow, E. Mavrona, N. Palka, O. Strzezysz, K. Garbat, S. Saitzek, J. F. Blach, V. Apostolopoulos, M. Kaczmarek & J. Parka
    Liquid Crystals, 44, 8, (2017), 1207-1215.
    - doi:10.1080/02678292.2016.1271468

  3. «Aluminosilicate glass thin films elaborated by Pulsed Laser Deposition»
    T. Carlier, S. Saitzek, F. O. Méar, J-F. Blach, A. Ferri, M. Huvé, L. Montagne
    Applied Surface Science, 397 (2017) 13–18
    - doi: 10.1016/j.apsusc.2016.11.115

Publications 2016:

  1. «Synthesis, structural and luminescence properties of (La1-xLnx)2Ti2O7 (Ln = lanthanides) solid solutions»
    A. Bayart, A. Katelnikovas, J-F. Blach, J. Rousseau, S. Saitzek
    Journal of Alloys and compounds, 683, 634-646
    - doi: 10.1016/j.jallcom.2016.05.041

  2. «Self-Healing Glassy Thin-Coating for High Temperature Applications»
    S. Castanié, T. Carlier, F.O. Mear, S. Saitzek, J. F. Blach, R. Podor, L. Montagne
    ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2016, 8 (6), pp 4208–4215
    - doi: 10.1021/acsami.5b12049
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Publications 2015:

  1. «Tailoring Anisotropic Interactions Between Soft Nanospheres Using Dense Arrays of Smectic Liquid Crystal Edge Dislocations»
    D. Coursault, J-F. Blach, J. Grand, A. Coati, A. Vlad, B. Zappone, D. Babonneau, G. Levi, N. Felidj, B. Donnio, J-L. Gallani, M. Alba, Y. Garreau, Y. Borensztein, M. Goldmann, E. Lacaze
    ACS Nano, 2015, 9 (12), pp 11678–11689
    - doi: 10.1021/acsnano.5b02538
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  2. «Lead-Free α-La2WO6 Ferroelectric Thin Films»
    T. Carlier, M.-H. Chambrier, A. Ferri, S. Estradé, J.-F. Blach, G. Martín, B. Meziane, F. Peiró, P. Roussel, F. Ponchel, D. Rèmiens, A. Cornet, R. Desfeux
    ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2015, 7 (44), pp 24409–24418
    - doi: 10.1021/acsami.5b01776
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  3. «Bio-inspired Titanium Drug Eluting Platforms Based on Poly-β-cyclodextrin/chitosan Layer-by- Layer Self Assembly Targeting Infections»
    A. Perez Anes, M. Gargouri , W. Laure , H. Van den Berghe , E. Courcot , J. Sobocinski , N. Tabary , F. Chai , J-F. Blach , A. Addad , P. Woisel , D. Douroumis , B. Martel , N. Blanchemain , and J. Lyskawa
    ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2015, 7 (23), pp 12882–12893
    - doi: 10.1021/acsami.5b02402
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  4. «Refractive indices and birefringence of hybrid liquid crystal - nanoparticles composite materials in the terahertz region»
    E. Mavrona, U. Chodorow, M. E. Barnes, J. Parka, N. Palka, S. Saitzek, J.-F. Blach, V. Apostolopoulos and M. Kaczmarek
    AIP Advances, 5, 077143
    - doi: 10.1063/1.4927392

  5. «Effective piezoelectric coefficient measurement of BaTiO3 thin films using the X-ray diffraction technique under electric field available in a standard laboratory»
    V. Thery, A. Bayart, J-F. Blach, P. Roussel, S. Saitzek
    Applied Surface Science Volume 351, 1 October 2015, Pages 480–486
    doi: 10.1016/j.apsusc.2015.05.155

  6. «Growth of Ca3Co4O9+δ thin film on sapphire substrate and CGO dense pellet by pulsed laser deposition. Structural, microstructural, surface and electrochemical characterizations»
    M.H. Chambrier, D. Huo, V. Thoréton, A. Rolle, A.S. Mamède, S. Estradé, J.F. Blach, C. Pirovano, S. Daviero-Minaud, P. Roussel, F. Peiró, R.N. Vannier
    Solid State Ionics vol. 273, pg. 13-17 (2015)
    - doi: 10.1016/j.ssi.2014.10.026

  7. «Electrically charged dispersions of ferroelectric nanoparticles»
    O. Kurochkin, E. Mavrona, V. Apostolopoulos, J-F. Blach, J-F. Henninot, M. Kaczmarek, S. Saitzek, M. Sokolova and Y. Reznikov
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 106, 043111 (2015)
    - doi: 10.1063/1.4907224

Publications 2014:

  1. «Elastic Constants, Viscosity and Response Time in Nematic Liquid Crystals Doped with Ferroelectric Nanoparticles»
    N. Podoliak, O. Buchnev, M. Herrington, E. Mavrona, M. Kaczmarek, A. G. Kanaras, E. Stratakis, J–F. Blach, J–F. Henninot, M. Warenghem
    RSC Adv., 2014, 4, 46068–46074
    - doi: 10.1039/C4RA06248E

  2. «A direct novel synthesis of highly uniform dispersed ruthenium nanoparticles over P6mm ordered mesoporous carbon by host/guest complexes»
    N. Gokulakrishnan, G. Peru, S. Rio, J.F. Blach, B. Leger, D. Grosso, E. Monflier, A. Ponchel
    J. Mater. Chem. A, 2014, 2, 6641–6648
    - doi: 10.1039/C4TA00038B
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Selected publications:

  1. «Combined ellipsometry and refractometry technique for characterisation of Liquid Crystal based nanocomposites»
    M. Warenghem, J-F. Henninot, J-F. Blach, O. Buchnev, M. Kaczmarek, M. Stchakovsky
    Review of Scientific Instruments, 83, pp 035103-1 à 035103-6 (2012)

    doi : http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.3690382

  2. «Formation of nanometric HT-LiCoO2 by a precipitation and aging process in alcoholic solution»
    D. Larcher, B. Delobel, L. Dantras-Laffont, E. Simon, J-F. Blach, E. Baudrin
    Inorg. Chem., 2010, 49 (23), pp 10949–10955 -
    doi : 10.1021/ic101324e

  3. «Enhancement of dye fluorescence recovery in nematic liquid crystals using a spatial optical soliton»
    JF. Henninot, JF. Blach and M. Warenghem
    J. Appl. Phys. 107, 113111 (2010)
    - doi : 10.1063/1.3446091

  4. «One-step precipitation of nanometric LiMO2 powders (M=Co, Fe) in alcoholic media»
    B. Delobel, D. Larcher, J.-F. Blach, L. Croguennec, M. Ménétrier, E. Simon, E. Baudrin
    Solid State Ionics, 181, 623–630 (2010)
    - doi :10.1016/j.ssi.2010.03.004

  5. «BaTiO3 ferroelectric nanoparticles dispersed in 5CB nematic liquid crystal : synthesis and electro-optical characterization»
    J.-F. Blach, S. Saitzek, C. Legrand, L. Dupont, J.-F. Henninot, M. Warenghem
    J. Appl. Phys. 107, 074102 (2010)
    - doi : 10.1063/1.3369544

  6. «Enhancement in nanoscale electrical properties of PZT island fabricated by Focused Ion Beam before crystallization»
    R.H. Liang, D. Rémiens, D. Deresmes, D. Troadec, X. L. Dong, L.H.Yang, R. Desfeux, A. Da Costa, J.F. Blach
    Journal of Applied Physics, 105, 044101 2009,
    doi : 10.1063/1.3073892

  7. «the investigation of an electrically stabilized optical spatial soliton induced in nematic liquid crystal»
    JF Henninot, JF Blach, M warenghem
    Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics 10 085104 (2008)

Scientific work:

  • «Propagation of light confined via Thermo-Optical effect in nematic liquid crystals»
    J-F. Blach, J-F. Henninot, M. Warenghem
    In «Nematicons ; Spatial optical solitons in Nematic Liquid Crystals» (Ed.:Wiley)
    Chapter 9 - pp 233-252. (ISBN: 978-0-470-90724-5)

Selected communications:

  • «A Simple Ray Tracing to Model Spatial Soliton Propagation in 2D Heterogeneous Nematic Liquid Crystal»
    M. Warenghem, J-F Blach, and J.-F. Henninot
    IEEE LEOS Winter Topicals Conférence, Sorrento (Italy), January 2008

  • «First observation and analysis of spatial solitons observed in polymer-stabilized nematic liquid crystal»
    J-F Henninot, J-F Blach, A. Daoudi and M. Warenghem
    XIIth International Topical Meeting on Optics of Liquid Crystals, Puebla (Mexico), october 2007





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